Miguel Nieto

In Albacete, the origin of long traditional knife, the knife factory Miguel Nieto s.l. begins its walk in an artisan manner from 1957 when Miguel Nieto and his brother joined their father in their small factory. The family established the business step by step with great effort, aimed to produce the most prestigious knife.

Later the two brothers decided to separate the business, and in 1980 Miguel Nieto and his children started to commercialize their own models, which are marked with "m. Grandchild". From this moment on we dedicate all our effort to guarantee the reliability of our products, their origin, quality, design.

Today, we have representatives in many countries including Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom as well as in eastern Europe, US and Latin American countries. Mguel Nieto is committed to make affordable 100% Spain made knives with top quality.

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