Returns Policy

30 Day Return Policy

It is the policy of Xhunter Australia to have replacement items returned or replaced as quickly as possible in cases where the device or goods arrive non-functional at the customers delivery address.

Xhunter Australia allows the return of un-opened, as new products within 30 days of order shipment. In these cases, Xhunter Australia will freight a replacement item to the customer upon return of the original item.

However it remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure the faulty unit is returned to us for exchange.

Please choose carefully and read all of the relevant features and specifications on our website that relates to the desired product.

Or if needed, contact the office via email or phone to help with your choice of product, as Xhunter Australia does not allow returns simply because a customer has changed their mind about the purchase of a particular item.

Xhunter Australia cannot guarantee any returns of products that have been purchased as a result of a mistake.



Xhunter Australia handles warranty returns to the manufacturer on behalf of our customers.

Many items have a direct manufacturer warranty so you can contact the manufacturer directly regarding the item if there is a fault.

Check the warranty card with your particular item for replacement information before contacting Xhunter Australia.
Please take note of the following points regarding the return of goods:

  1. No financial reimbursement is applicable on warranty items.
  2. Xhunter Australia must be notified by email of an intended return in advance of shipping back to our warehouse.
  3. Xhunter Australia incurs freight costs for delivering products to customers. All shipping costs associated with warranty returns after the 30 day period of delivery, including insurance, are to be paid by the customer.
  4. Items returned exhibiting transit damage, as a result of improper or inadequate packing by the customer, will render the manufacturers warranty null and void. Please ensure all items returned are appropriately packed.
  5. Items returned must be in original undamaged packaging with all original components and accessories.
  6. Items returned must not exhibit damage as a result of use and must be in original cosmetic order – this means no scratches, dents, chips, cracks or missing components.
  7. Any return of goods found to be faulty as a result of improper use or treatment will be rejected and the customer made liable for any costs associated with the replacement or repair of the item. This includes improper installation or modification or running the item outside of its specifications.
  8. Please use care when returning warranty items for replacement and remember it is the manufacturer that you have to convince about a warranty return, not Xhunter Australia.
  9. Be sure that the fault lies in the equipment before you return it as many items returned are found to be 100% functional. Items found to be functional on return to Xhunter Australia will incur a fee and additional shipping costs to have it returned to the customer.

Xhunter Australia and associated product manufacturers are not responsible for customers' failure to read or understand the owners manual.

Make sure you have read the instructions related to your purchased product and are familiar with the operation of your goods before asking for a return.